Friday, December 15, 2017

What To Do With All Those Cards Idea #1 Random Acts of Kindness

I made this card with some "rejects" from a challenge I did yesterday. I hated to throw away the red glitter "joy" die cut and the embossed holly and berries, so I threw this card together, even though I don't have a specific need for it.

I've been thinking of unusual ways to use my cards, and leaving one someplace with a note has been on my mind. Since it's 10 days before Christmas, this seems like a perfect time for an "Act of Random Kindness." But you can do this any time of year.

When we do a RAC card, be careful what you stamp on the back. Mine just says "Handmade." I don't want to be tracked. But if you're a demonstrator, have a shop or hold classes, this may be a perfect opportunity to let others know about you. You can stamp your name or website if you want.

Next, write a note so they know it's for them to take, and not something that someone left by accident. I stamped the same image on a post it note and wrote a greeting. You can put it on the inside of the card like this if you want.

I was planning on doing that, but since I am going to leave mine in a ladies room somewhere, I though it may get wet, so I decided to put it in a plastic baggie. I moved the note to the envelope and put that on the back side of the baggie.

Also attached is a pen from my church. They're always encouraging us to reach out to others, so I thought this was a great opportunity. Plus, a pen goes nicely with a card.

Here's my finished product:

I'm not exactly sure where I'll leave it, but it's kind of exciting to think that this may brighten someone's day today.

If you have any other ideas about using cards in "Random Acts of Kindness" I'd love to hear about them. Please leave a comment or story below.

And thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!

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